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The Graham County Community Foundation will once again take part in the Dane G. Hansen Foundation’s Match Month initiative accepting donations every day during the month of April.

The Hansen Foundation will provide a 100% match for every dollar raised up to a maximum of $50,000 per county which will be put into the endowed unrestricted community grant fund. If the full $50,000 is reached for the grant fund, GCCF will also receive an additional $45,000 for their operating endowment fund providing for the organization’s ongoing sustainability and an additional $5,000 for immediate operating needs.

The funds raised during the April Match Month campaign will be added to GCCF’s “Grow Graham County” endowment fund which will be opened in the future for organizations to apply for grant funding.

What is an endowed fund?
An endowment fund, quite simply, is money set aside (invested) to earn revenue to fund some type of charitable activity. Unlike a typical investment fund, the beneficiary of an endowment fund is a nonprofit organization instead of individual investors. 

The principal value of the endowment fund is kept intact, while the investment earnings can be distributable dollars used for charitable grants to nonprofits. Thus, an endowment fund can be held permanently, allowing donors to support causes they care about in perpetuity. 

Donations to endowment funds are tax deductible. Donors often set up endowment funds so they can receive charitable tax benefits immediately upon making their donation.  Endowments are incredible tools to sustain organizations and communities.

Every donation no matter the size makes a difference for the future of Graham County.  Anyone with an affinity for Graham County and the communities therein are encouraged to contribute and help make a difference in helping support the future of our communities and organizations for years to come. Donations can be mailed to GCCF, PO Box 51, Hill City, KS 67642; or online at Please ensure checks are dated within April.

For more information, contact GCCF at

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Graham County Gives

Comprehensive Estate Planning for You and Your Family


Through our partnership with Greater Northwest Kansas Community Foundation, we are able to connect interested parties with John Griffin of Stewardship Counseling, LLC to provide estate planning design services free of charge, on a first-come, first-served basis. The draft plan can be given to your attorney to formalize. This gives you comprehensive guidance in designing an estate plan that minimizes income, gift, estate, and inheritance taxes, and facilitates smooth business, farm, and asset transition. Estate planning appointments fill quickly.

More information on planned giving can be found at

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